Diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr

F.X. Mayr

The treatment developed by Dr. F.X. Mayr (1875-1965) is a holistic healing process, which consists of a specific system of diagnosis, an intensive dietary treatment and the reforming of eating habits.

The intestine is the human root organ

The view of Mayr medicine is that the biological strength of a human being does not stem from the muscles of his arms and legs, but from the root organ, the digestive system. 
Likewise the strength of a tree does not lie in the branches or the twigs, but in the roots.

Dyspepsia as the cause of many diseases

The digestive system is the central organ and becomes sick because of the wrong eating habits. When the bowel is ill, the whole person is ill. Many dietetic, digestive and metabolic disorders are caused by a chronically overburdened digestive system.

Healthy bowel, healthy person

A special regeneration and cleansing regimen according to Dr. F.X. Mayr effects a recovery of our digestive organs and a simultaneous regeneration of the blood, body fluids, cells and tissue, thus of the whole organism. The Mayr therapy is known as the royal path of healing.

Practical application

Relief, recovery and regeneration of the digestive system are achieved by an intensive dietary regime such as milk diets or other forms of dieting. A gentle cleansing of the bowel with Epsom salts and natural methods of treatment follow. The manual abdominal treatment by the Mayr physician is of special importance. It comprises blood and lymph drainage of the abdomen as well as digestive and breathing therapy.