Akupunktur / Acupuncture


Cure with acupuncture
The first writings on acupuncture date back about 3000 years. Acupuncture was introduced into European medicine in the 17th century and is a treatment for chronic diseases and pain.
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F.X. Mayr

Diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr

The treatment developed by Dr. F.X. Mayr (1875-1965) is a holistic healing process, which consists of a specific system of diagnosis, an intensive dietary treatment and the reforming of eating habits.
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Physiotherapie / Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is a summary term for various treatments in the field of exercise therapy, physical therapy and various massage therapies. Physiotherapies are mainly used for diseases of the locomotor system resulting from chronic degenerative illnesses and consequences of accidents and neurological illnesses.
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